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terminalcase's Journal

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  • terminalcase@livejournal.com
Me: 6ft, stocky, furry, goatee, piercings, tat.

I enjoy life, but not on the scene much, prefer to hang with mates and partner at home, and spend time with the hound; especially after a hard week at work.

interests, among others:
reading- Salman Rushdie, John Irving, On Beauty, and so much more
movies- good movies like Eternal Sunshine, but also more mindless fun like Casino Royale etc
music- can go from Top 40 to Buddy Holly to jazz quite easily, I have a scizophrenic iPod.

Yes I am partnered so not looking for anyone to replace him, he's my man for life.

Mainly on here to chat and catch up with people I've talked to over the years.