Long Weekend

So had a great long weekend, 5 days off in total (Good Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day).
It was just what I needed after quite a full-on few months in 2011.

Work is going well, I appear to be leading the way with some innovative projects and processes, and of course everyone LOVES change!

So long weekend was basically about taking it easy and recharging the batteries. So spending time with some friends, hubby, the dogs and doing as little as possible (which I really needed).

Have now been in Australia for over a year, and it's gone VERY quickly. It's been better than I thought it would be, and I'm very glad to have made the move.

The only thing that gets me down is that I thought I would have made closer friends by now. I've made new friends, but they're not what I'd consider close. It tends to be that if I organise something like drinks/dinner/etc then people will come, but the favour doesn't seem to be returned and people invite me out. So leaves me feeling a bit cold, and that I clearly don't spring to mind when people plan things.
Anyway, not the end of the world, still have the people close to me; and I've decided to just stop organising things and see who actually is a good friend and will take some initiative themselves.

Anniversary Dinner

Had our 5 year anniversary dinner last night, at Embrasse in Carlton.

5 course degustation menu, 4 of them are below, the other course was selection of cheeses. One of the best bits was the 5 glasses of wine matching each course...

Meli melo of vegetables, emulsions and purees, home grown herbs and flowers

Kingfish steamed for just a little bit, sea greens and colours, cold peas & wood sorrel, chorizo / mussels, bread crust

Jackson's Creek Qld wagyu, black garlic, chards, confit spring onions, parsley root, parsley coulis

Chocolate mushrooms, forest floor, sorrel mint granita, meringue

Dinner last night

Went to Lau's Family Kitchen and Il Fornaio for dinner/dessert last night

The main event... amazing dessert!

Glenn eagerly awaiting dinner. Nom nom nom.

Me looking rather keen and eager.

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Melbourne Update

So have been in Melbourne for a week now. If I take a few days to reply to comments then it's because I don't have computer at the moment and need to find time to get online.

- Still househunting. Have been shortlisted for 2 houses, but didn't get them. Still there's LOTS to see, so not getting too down. The one we didn't get on Tuesday, so AMAZING!

- Work: started the new position this Monday, after being in the country 3 days. But really would rather get into it, and as I'm with same company I would have just been using up my holiday pay. Rather keep it until we're settled in and have a proper holiday.

- Sprained ankle. It fucking hurt so much, but luckily is recovering quickly, just got a massive bruise and it's rather stiff.

- Had a few good meals, especially at Lau's Family Kitchen in St Kilda. Great attentive service, and food was pretty damn good as well. Highlights were Steamed Rice Paper Rolls with braised mushrooms; and the Sweet Vinegar Pork.

- Moving over to East Melbourne today and have 6 nights in an apartment. Until now we've been staying with friends, and just need some space to relax and sleep in proper bed.